Simple designs for female entrepreneurs who want to make a massive impact.

Elevate your business with compelling design

You're on the cusp of something new. Perhaps you're ready for a re-branding, changing direction or ready to up your business. You need a design that authentically reflects you & your business. And you know it'll help you attract the right sort of clients.

Design that resonates with your ideal clients

That's what I am here for. I am a brand & web designer helping you elevate your business by creating a design that really resonates with your ideal clients - whether you need brand design that attracts or a website that converts.

Hi, I am Julia

passionate Creative, brand & web designer

I help female entrepreneurs attract their dream clients by designing unique brands & websites that make their true essence shine through.

More About me

Kind words

I loved working with you! You always made it so easy for me; you always knew what I wanted and what speaks to my customers.
Ines Brauch, Studio für Körperarbeit & Haltungscoaching
You made me feel seen. And through that, my nature & essence shine through my website. Thank you so so much.
Ann Kristin Barth, cultural traveller, body artist, soul searcher

Work with me

Brand design

I will design a cohesive and compelling look & feel for your business. You'll walk away with fonts, colours, and a logo that authentically reflect your business and support your vision. You'll also have gained enough clarity to write compelling copy, move on with your website or refine your business card.

Website Design

I will create a beautifully designed and thoughtfully planned website that will make an impact and help you sell. You'll walk away with a carefully crafted, beautifully designed website.

How it works

Clarity, to me, is fundamental to every successful design. Clarity on precisely what your business is, the clients you really want to attract and what sets you apart. So, we start with getting crystal clear about your business and then, magic happens: we will create a brand design or website that creates an emotional connection between you, your business and your client.

You will get a beautiful and cohesive design that you can be proud of.

That fuels your energy and confidence.

That attracts your dream clients.