Are you making it super easy for your visitors to get in touch with you, move through your pages, find the info they are looking for, hire you, buy your online course or see all your workshop dates? User-friendly websites are super important because they save you & your visitor precious time.

1.) Your visitor – aka ideal client – gets what she came for in an easy & quick way. Nobody likes to dig through loads of stuff to find your contact details or buy button.

2.) You save time as well because

  •    you won’t have to answer questions on where to find something (if you get them at all, people would instead move on to another website they find more comfortable to use),
  •    you will get more sales, inquiries, newsletter/blog readers, podcast listeners because people find those,

So, now, how do you make your website super simple to use?

1.) Make sure your call-to-action buttons are inviting your visitor to do the desired action, are easy to see (colour) and are not overused.

2.) Can get people in touch with you with one or 2 clicks?

3.) If you have a contact form, is it working and easy to find?

4.) Are all of your links working? If you are using wordpress, an excellent plugin you could use is the broken link checker.

5.) If you sell a product, course or service – can people buy that in one or 2 clicks? Do you provide all the necessary information to make that sale?