Are you struggling with getting the right look & feel for your website?

• You know who your ideal client is?
• You know what you want her to feel?

But you struggle on how to translate this into a beautiful design for your website? You want it to look & feel unique and 100% you?
Here are my best five ways to help you make your website look & feel unique:

1. Start with a Pinterest board. Gather everything that speaks to you & your ideal client. How do you want her to feel when she visits your website? If you’re going to make her feel calm: search for calm on Pinterest. The photos you pin to this board should make you feel what you want her to feel when she comes in contact with your website. Pro tip: The related pins section underneath each Pinterest image helps find images of the same subject matter, colour, or style. Pinterest is often the first place I go when I need more pictures.

2. Establish a colour palette. I bet you now have a pretty coherent palette of colours on your Pinterest board. Colours speak directly to your ideal client’s feelings: light pink is joyful & feminine, soft blue is refreshing & calm. Pick 3-4 that speak the most to you & your dream client and translate them into a colour palette. There are lots of platforms you can use; I love this one.

3. Outline your brand’s colour system. Now decide which colours you are going to use for what. Dark colours make great headlines as they are easy to read. Light ones are great for filling in blocks, and bright ones are for catching your clients attention and for call-to-action buttons. Spend some time playing around with your brand colours to see which combinations match best.

4. Pick your fonts. Now, take some time to choose your header font, body text font, and possibly one accent font. There are lots of platforms out there that offer various fonts to choose from. Just google it. Also, the website platform that you are using will provide lots of options.

5. Develop your tone & terminology. Think about the words that carry those feelings for your ideal client. Make a list of keywords & adjectives, that speak to your dream customer. Also, think about: How do you speak? One straightforward guideline is to write how you usually talk. That makes you cohesive and accessible to your ideal client.

Plus: Don`t overthink your design. Go with what feels & looks appealing to you and is an instant “Yes”.

I hope that helps? Let me know what you think about those tips!