July 22, 2021 | Biz

Why I am redoing my website process (again)

As I rebranded my business and relaunched my website a couple of months ago, I have also been called to redo my client’s experience. So six months ago, I felt committed to producing a fast turnover for my clients and created a get-your-website-in-just-6-weeks process. 

It was a beautifully clean, clear and straightforward process. There was just one problem: nobody seemed to be interested. At the same time, as I was doing my Yoga Nidra practice, I felt called to bring softness into my business and work. You can read more about this here. 

So, as my practice deepened and my expertise and interests developed, I felt drawn to offer my clients a more enriching and nourishing experience. 

And softness asked me to expand the process for my clients and make it a three-month journey. 

This allows for more space, more time to dig deep, go within, write the copy, gather the content, finetune the design to make it just right, leave room for unexpected things (hello, sick kids and life) and just create the dreamiest of dream websites with enough time. 

And whilst I knew that getting a new beautiful website quickly in just six weeks would be great for my clients, I also wanted them to feel spacious in our project together. I didn’t want to rush them or make them feel rushed. Rushed to write their copy and gather their content. Rushed to make a decision and give me feedback. And I also wanted to give me more space to really get my clients and truly nail their new website. 

It feels really good and exciting to be embellishing my client experience with joy and ease and shifting into a new process (again). 

How to work with me

Interested in branding your business and/or launching your website with a spacious experience? Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's talk soon!

And let me know in the comments: What would you prefer? Quick website design process or more space and time?

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