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The three best colour schemes generators

Want new colours for your brand? Need a fresh look for your website and social media feed? Then check out these three free & easy to use generators.

Remember: there is no right or wrong. Stick to what feels and looks good for you. That will speak the most to your ideal clients! 

And now: have fun with your new colours!

1.) Colorbook

Colorbook is a great colour scheme generator, and I use it whenever I am creating a new colour palette for a client. I find it easy to use and clearly laid out. Perfect, if you are just starting with assembling your colour palette. 

You can easily add your own colour palettes by creating a free account. By clicking on a colour or typing in a hex code, you will see the colour of choice, colour shades and tints as well as recommendations on how to use your chosen colour. The site shows you how your colour would look like as a heading, a button, or a white background. That comes very handily when you are planning your new website. 

The site also provides colour schemes. Another feature I find very useful for web design is that it shows you how your chosen colours would look on a basic website, see the picture above. It is automatically generated and can look quite good sometimes. You might want to play a bit around with your colours. 

2.) Coolors

Coolors is another colour palette generator you can use that is very clear, simple and free. Just put in a colour or start generating schemes by tapping the blank key. You can continue tapping until you find a colour you love and find suitable for the look you are going for. Then, secure that colour by clicking on the little lock symbol and resume to play around some more. See what colours come up and how you like them.

You might also want to examine the colour shades of a colour to get it just right. 

Just keep playing around with the colours the generator presents. Once you like a scheme, secure it. You can also play around a bit with the generate method: monochromatic, analogous, complementary and more. Once you have a palette you are satisfied with; you can adapt it some more if you would like:

Pro tip:

The site generates five colours in a scheme, that's typically too much for a website. You might want to use the three that you love the most and work best with your brand. 

3.) Canva Color Palette Generator

Want a colour scheme that matches your favourite image or latest Moodboard for your branding? Canva’s colour palette generator allows you to create colour combinations from images easily. Simply upload a photo or picture. 

Canva also provides a colour wheel where you can see which colours combine well together.

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If you are struggling to find the right colours for your branding or website, please reach out. I would love to brand your business and design your dream website with just the right colours for you!

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