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Branding & Website Design for Ines Brauch

Working with Ines was such a pleasure. I love how open she was to my suggestions, how straightforward and focused she was with her feedback. She is such a lovely, considerate person. She had actually hired another web designer a year before we started working together and came to me with a nearly finished website she did not like at all. The look and feel did not represent her the way she wanted it: user-friendly, beautiful, authentic, and professional. At that point, her website had already been down for over a year. I am so glad that Ines hired me after her not-so-pleasant experience with the last web designer and her disappointment about her website at that point.

Branding & Website Design:

When she approached me, she was ready to take her business to the next level and needed a brand and website to help her. So I started with her branding, designed her new logo, and then designed her website. I went for a light, balanced & soothing look and feel as this works so well with her work as a CANTIENICA®-instructor, which is all about soothing the body and bringing it back into balance and alignment. And after a class with her, you feel so light and good in your body, and it's such a joy!

I loved working with Julia! She always made it so easy for me; she always knew what I wanted and what speaks to my customers.
Ines Brauch

Since we launched her website in 2019, I also designed her new business cards, a voucher, a print ad and some cards and flyers.

CANTIENICA®-Studio owner
Ines is a mama to two girls and runs a CANTIENICA®-Studio, teaching classes, single sessions and workshops. If you have not heard about Cantienica yet, it is an anatomically substantiated posture and movement concept. It stretches and aligns all bones according to the original blueprint of the human body so that all of its muscles, chords, ligaments, and fascias obtain their basic tonus and a vivid tension.

I myself have been practising it for four years now, first to help my pelvic floor after I had my daughter, now I love it for how I feel afterwards: lighter, stretched, more upright, focused and calm! Ines classes are an absolute delight, too. Her coaching is super helpful and friendly, and during the 3,5 years that I've now practised with her, she never held the same class twice.

Julia has implemented change requests quickly, independently, uncomplicated and professionally ... everything completely problem-free. She also has always given me the freedom to make it as I imagine it to be, even if I was completely haphazard myself. I wish I had discovered Julia and her work much earlier; I would have saved such an incredible amount of valuable time!

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You can find her website here: www.ines-brauch.de.

How to work with me

Need help with your branding and website, too? Let's talk soon. I would love to brand your business and design your dream website.

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