Hi, I’m Julia,

the heart and soul behind Lumina Rise. And a passionate guide on the journey of self-discovery and healing. I believe in the transformative power that resides within each of us. My own life experiences have fueled my commitment to helping women rediscover their true essence and lead themselves intentionally.

I live in Germany, have been married for 11 years and am a mom to a 7-year-old daughter. I have a Bachelor’s in sociology and social psychology, followed by 7 years in the PR world. When my daughter was born, I wanted to stay home with her and start my own business.

The birth of Lumina Rise

Lumina Rise is not just a business; it’s the culmination of a lifelong quest for balance, resilience, and fulfillment.

It was born out of the desire to create a transformative haven for women, a place where you can rediscover your essence and embark on a journey of profound self-love and healing.

I intimately comprehend the feelings of being a watered-down version of oneself, navigating self-abandonment, and yearning for authentic alignment.

My approach blends mindset, emotional, and energetic methods delivered through carefully curated masterclasses, courses, and supporting digital resources. I’ve walked the path of self-discovery and self-healing, battled inner critics, and emerged with a deep understanding of the intricate dance between healing and evolution.

Why Lumina Rise?

„Lumina“ is derived from the Latin word „lumen,“ meaning „light“ or „brightness.“ It is often associated with illumination, clarity, and a radiant quality.

It’s more than a name; it’s an invitation to illuminate your essence, empower your journey, and transform your life. Join me on a quest to cultivate self-love, build emotional intelligence, and lead with authenticity.

Together, we’ll navigate the realms of deep inner healing, accessing the core of your being, and creating a harmonious integration that aligns with your true aspirations.

Lumina Rise’s Commitment

This is a sacred space, infused with values of authenticity, empowerment, and transformative evolution. Lumina Rise is not just a guide; it’s a companion on your journey, offering insights, tools, and unwavering support.

As you delve deeper into Lumina Rise, envision yourself standing at the crossroads of healing and evolution. Let this be the beginning of your transformation—a journey of rediscovery, self-love, and radiant empowerment.

Guiding Values

In the heart of Lumina Rise beats a mantra: „One foot in healing, one foot in evolution„. This philosophy encapsulates the essence of our journey—a continuous dance between embracing healing and stepping into evolution.

I invite you to explore Lumina Rise as a space of empowerment, healing, and limitless possibilities. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, with one foot in healing and one foot in evolution.

Lumina Rise is not just my creation; it’s a shared space where our stories intertwine, and transformations unfold.

I’m honored to be your guide, and I look forward to witnessing the radiant essence you’ll illuminate on this transformative journey.

A glimpse into my journey

I navigated Colitis ulcerosa, depression, exhaustion, overwhelm, self-doubt, and c-ptsd rooting in a very dysregulated childhood. Alongside of raising my beautiful daughter and building an online business.

It was a labyrinthine journey of understanding the delicate balance between the body, mind, and soul.

Chronic fatigue was a daily companion, casting shadows on the vibrancy I once knew. The depletion was not just physical; it permeated every facet of my being, urging me to delve deep into self-healing and rediscovery.

I found myself reduced to a mere shell of myself. No vibrancy, no energy, no zest for life—not the mom I wanted to be at all.

But here’s the twist: I’ve rewritten that narrative, transforming my health, mindset, and emotions.

I sat with my triggers, faced deep wounds, and delved into deep healing, understanding, learning, and integrating. It was a slow dance, but gradually, my life started to change. The heaviness lifted, making way for a lighter, more playful, exciting, and beautiful existence.

The Learnings

It wasn’t until I dove into deep inner healing, transformed my nervous system, shifted limiting beliefs, and mastered the art of adjusting my frequency, emotions, and beliefs that everything finally clicked.

I discovered the importance of energetics, mastered the how-to’s of mindset work and emotional intelligence, and embraced the significance of self-healing. Spiritual practices became my companions, offering guidance, connection, and love.

This is not just my journey—it’s an open invitation to all those seeking transformation.