About me

Hey, I'm Julia.

I am a Mama, Web Designer and Creative living in the southwest of Germany.

I live with my wonderful husband, highly spirited & creative daughter, two cats and a dog in a beautiful old house next to the forest.

I have spent my whole life seeking freedom.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a deep inner yearning to feel free to just express who I truly was. But I could never seem to find it.

Instead, I spent most of my life trying to fit in, trying to do what everybody else wanted me to be doing— whilst desperately searching for my own passion and purpose.

Somehow I found myself working in the corporate world, working on other peoples business websites & social media platforms, and writing copy for clients on a daily basis. I learned a ton. I loved helping others. But I worked really long hours, and spent hours on the train, desperately craving something else.

Over time, I realised that the freedom I was seeking was to work from home and be my own boss.

I remembered how free I felt as a kid when I danced, danced, danced on the streets in my tutu, dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer. I remembered how much I loved creating, drawing, painting and photography.

Then I got pregnant, and I knew that I wanted to stay home with my daughter more than anything.
I knew there was no way for me going back to a corporate job, that there had to be another way. I remembered what I loved most doing in my corporate jobs: websites for clients - and so I turned my passion for design into my dream job.
I started my own business as a web designer, and I finally found a way to express myself fully in my work AND find the freedom that I had craved for so long.
Now every day, I get to live my heartfelt desire to help other entrepreneurial mamas express themselves in their businesses through intuitive design.

Because as I started to embrace my passion and expressed more of who I was,
I also began to listen to my intuition and heart much more.

I left behind all the rules of what I had learned about marketing and websites. Instead, I listened to what my inner being and my clients craved: intuition, connection, a sacred service, simplicity, ease and joy.

These days I spend my time fully embodying the sense of freedom I longed for for so long. Not only do I have the time freedom to be with my daughter and enjoy our life in the forest, but I have expressive and creative freedom too through my work everyday.
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