Ready for a challenge that could instantly give your website a professional look? A huge but effective way to boost your website is to delete one of your pages and half the words on your home page. I know it may sound crazy but trust me, less is more when it comes to website content.

Why clean up your content:

  1. Help your visitors easily navigate through your website and content. Imagine, a person you never spoke to before and who knows nothing about your service, first visits your homepage. Does she know, what it is about, can she easily find a way to contact you, buy from you or learn more about your offering? Does she need to read through long paragraphs of text or scroll for a minute to get the information, she seeks? Frustrating.
  2. Help visitors stay on your page. People only spend a nanosecond to decide, if they like your content and your home page or if it’s not the right fit. Help them with being as understandable and lean as possible.
  3. Help search engines to scroll your website much more comfortable, and that, in turn, helps people looking for your service or offer find you.
  4. You have an easier time to keep your website up to date because you have less content and pages to go through.