Custom images or expert photos make your website immediately look more professional. Using captivating photographs is a great way to bring your message across without using many words. Your visitors decide in a split second if your content and the look of your website is speaking to them.

A professional picture of you will also build trust and can connect you & your visitor, aka future dream client. Whether you invest in some professional photos, have a friend with an excellent camera take pictures of you in great light, or create some beautiful images with Canva, they certainly will make a positive difference to the overall look & feel of your website.

How to get better pictures on your website:

  1. To build that trust with your future dream customer, have a high-quality image of you on your “About” page. People click on About pages most often. Because they want to find out more about the person or people behind it.
  2. Good lighting is crucial for good photos
  3. Take your pictures in landscape format; they usually work better on websites than upright format.
  4. Keep your brand colours in mind and see if you can integrate those in your photos. Maybe you can wear sth. in that beautiful light blue?
  5. Less is more when it comes to good pictures for your website. Watch out for your background.
  6. It is also great to show yourself in your work surroundings, and people find that always appealing, it makes you relatable and trustworthy.
  7. Unsplash is a great resource to find stock photos. Better invest some time in searching for a fitting picture than taking the first one you can find.